About brand

Zipp Toys is a modern brand focused on the production of toys. Despite the fact that the brand was initially focused on toys for children, the brand products are able to interest anyone between the ages of 3 and 103!

How did the Zipp Toys brand come about?

The IBIS company, which occupies a confident place in the world of hunting, fishing and tourism, takes maximum care of the wishes and requests of its customers.

We value each of our customers highly, and now we can declare with confidence that IBIS stores are stores for the whole family.

Zipp Toys product quality

Taking into account the fact that initially Zipp Toys was aimed at the age of children from 3 years old, we selected an assortment as detailed as possible that meets all the qualities and requirements.

All products of the company are made entirely from high-quality high-tech materials that are absolutely safe for the user.

In addition, for greater showiness, all models have sound and light effects that does not leave anyone indifferent!

And yet, all the control of toys is as simple and intuitive as possible.

Zipp Toys Assortment

In the assortment of the Zipp Toys company you can find toys for any age and any color:

  • various remote-controlled cars for drifting or driving on water;
  • remote-controlled tanks, blasters firing projectiles, soft “arrows” or light and sound effect pistols, construction sets, and much more.

Zipp Toys allow you to spend more time with your children with maximum positive and vivid emotions.

Zipp Toys also contributes to child education in a playful way, including the safe handling of weapons.